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Michael Nicholas


I’m a lifelong learner on a journey of self-discovery and a quest to help as many people as I can and leave the world a better place.

In 2020 I founded Troo, an early-stage startup building an ethical social media ecosystem free from targeted advertising and other unethical behavior. We are building a platform that will protect and empower all, but especially people from marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

I've spent the last 30 years in both creative and technical roles. On the creative side I've been most involved with music, having been a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer in various bands, and an award-winning composer of music for orchestra, chamber ensembles and opera. I've also been an award-winning visual artist working in painting, sculpture, installations, printmaking, and performance art, among other media.

On the technical side I've been a recording engineer in world-class recording studios in Hollywood, California, a graphic designer, and a software engineer.

About a decade ago I began to feel pulled in the direction of serving others more directly. I had long felt that my music and art were my way of contributing to the world, but over the years my worldview has broadened, and I now feel the need to take on larger and more important problems in the world.

Join the movement I'm creating towards building a better world where each of us has the means and support to live to their fullest potential, each of us in our own uniqueness and authenticity.

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